Cozumel Carnival

During this week we enjoyed the Cozumel Carnival, this is an old tradition on the island and all residents and visitors have fun during this days.  There are several ways to live the Carnival, some people attend to the car parade called “el paseo” on the main avenue Rafael E.Melgar, others go to live concerts most of them of Salsa and latin music, but there is another fun tradition: hire the “comparsas”.  A “comparsa” is a group of people who participate in a dancing choreography, there is a contest based of the age group and residents on the island put a lot of effort to become the best one.  After the contest on the next days of carnival you can hire this groups to attend to your house or business, as part of the tradition you invite some lunch and drinks after the dancing.

In Mundaca Vacations we loved this Caribbean  traditions so this year we hire the “comparsas” for our guests at our signature villas “Villas Mundaca” (www.villasmundaca.mx).  We had great time watching this amazing kids and teens giving their best to make Cozumel Carnival a colorful and fun event.  Of course we invite everyone a delicious “lechon” a baby pork slow cooked served in tacos with habanero spicy.

I  leave  this photos to encourage you to make a reservation and attend next year during Carnival season.



Which ferry should I take to Cozumel?

Even though Cozumel has an International Airport, most of its tourists arrive to island by taking a ferry from Playa del Carmen. Nowadays there are three ferry companies doing the route from Playa del Carmen pier to Cozumel Island: Barcos Mexico (blue), Ultramar (yellow) and Barcos Caribe (pink).   The service they offer is pretty similar between them, they all have speed boats that take 35 to 40 minutes to arrive, you can choose to go inside the boats with  a/c or seat at the open air area where you can enjoy the Caribbean sea breeze and take amazing photos during the 14 km route.

Here are some points we think you should take into consideration.

  • Check the time schedule of all three companies and plan your trip, you do not have to buy a round trip if you don’t need to.
  • Ask for promotions at the ticket point of sale, sometimes they have special prices for round trip tickets or special  prices for events like the Ironman or Carnival.
  • The ticket includes your luggage, you don’t need to pay extra.
  • If it’s  a rainy day do not forget to bring with you a jacket or umbrella, the point where you go up into the boat it is open air.
  • If you usually get sick on boats, we recommend to seat at the open air area, the sea breeze helps a lot.
  • In case you buy a round ticket, put in a safe place your return ticket, if you lost it there is no way to claim another one.

Enjoy and Relax on the boat, you can ask for a beer or soft drink at the cafeteria, this is where your adventure to the Island start. Welcome !


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