Before & During you stay with us here at Cozumel Island, please consider the following information.

Before arrival

Please take the necessary step to ensure you and any person you are traveling with do not have any of the following symptoms

Most common symptoms:

  • –Fever
  • –Dry cough
  • –Tiredness 

Less common symptoms:

  • -Aches and pains
  • -Sore throat
  • -Diarrhoea
  • -Conjunctivitis
  • -Headache
  • -Loss of taste or smell
  • -A rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes

Serious symptoms:

  • –Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • –Chest pain or pressure
  • –Loss of speech or movement

If any of these symptoms are present we advise you not to travel and seek medical advice.

Apartments or villas

Each apartment has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with the following active ingredient Chloroxylenol to ensure high contact areas are free form contamination. Bedding & towels are sterilised after each use for your safety, mattresses are steam cleaned or chemically sprayed with Chloroxylenol after each use and turned over in rotation. We recommend that during your stay you apply strict protocol to ensure surfaces and high contact areas are clean at all times, leaving footwear at the front door with significantly reduce contact with germs inside the apartment or villa. 


On checkin you will be required to have your temperature recorded and logged on your booking you are required to wear a mask at all time when in a public area, we recommend N95, gloves are not essential however carrying a hand sanitiser with you and using after contact is advisable 

Shared pools

It is possible that the pool many be closed during your stay for cleaning or closure due to local and regional laws, please respect these rules for your own safety. If the pools are open but there is a sign that only permits a certain amount of people at one time you must wait for one of the areas or sections to become free, you can not reserve areas or leave personal belonging laying around they will be removed by security, this will give everyone a fair opportunity to use the pool areas should they be open.

The resort

All bars and restaurants have measure in place to control contact, many of the bars and restaurant have to operate with limited tables, it would be advisable to pre book your table or transfer to local bars of the resort as soon as possible, tables may be restricted to a time limit to allow fellow holiday makers the chance to enjoy also. please respect all the rules of the businesses on the resort they will do there best to accommodate you.


If you have any questions about any of the above or something we have not mentioned please email us on

External link to english information about COVID-19

Enlace externo a información en español sobre covid-19