Curious things to do in Cozumel part II

  • Because four is too much and one is just too little, we decided to make a second part of the list of three curious things you can do on this beautiful island of the Caribbean Sea called, Cozumel.

Because four is too much and one is just too little, we decided to make a second part of the list of three curious things you can do on this beautiful island of the Caribbean Sea called, Cozumel. As you would understand, the most of the attractive comes from the beaches and the natural things, but there is also an important human made place to visit and that is the “Isla Cozumel museum”. Definitely this is a wonderful place that you really have to visit at least once in you life.

Arrecife Palancar, this is one of the most famous coral reeves and it is located in the south of the island. Recognized as one of the most spectacular, wonderful and splendorous coral reeves in the world as well it also offers snorkeling and diving services which are useful to see and say hello to the beautiful coral colonies that are colorful and giant. You can also see a big variety of tropical fishes. And but not least, the most fascinating side of the reef is the grouts and crags that thousands of visitors come to see every year.

There is also an important museum in Cozumel and is known as “Museo de la Isla de Cozumel” it is located in the Av. Rafael E. Melgar in Cozumel’s downtown, and shows how the life in Cozumel was years ago when the actual touristic activities weren’t developed yet. It’s main aim is the preservation of the old beauties and the environmental and ecological education, as well as the island’s history.

The building that nowadays is the museum once was the first touristic hotel on the island and it was built ninety years ago. For its adaptation to become the museum, some of the walls had to be demolished and some other areas expanded in order to make a more proper structure for such a wonderful place rich in story.

Museo de la Isla de Cozumel

Its main rooms are: La Isla (The island), which is focused on showing the origin and the geological evolution of the island and the ecosystems that actually are part of it.

El Mar (The sea), a display of the submarine ecological environment, being focused on the formation of the reefs and the wildlife in them. Historia y Arqueología (History and archeology), that shows how the local life was before of the arrival of Cristophoro Colombus and the glorification of the goddess Ixchel. It shows the arrival of the first spanish conquerors as well during the 15th century.

Cozumel Contemporáneo (Contemporary Cozumel), it shows how the island started to develop and being populated, like a lifeline until its current status as a touristic place.

There is an auditorium as well, a public library and there are also secondary rooms for artistic and cultural purposes and those are: temporary expositions rooms, “Una Salita Maya” and Casa Maya.

But that’s not all, if you go to Cozumel, don’t forget to visit the “Parque Nacional Marino de los Arrecifers de Cozumel” which is the one that contains all the most important places to go snorkeling and diving, including Palancar, Columbia, Paradise and Garganta del Diablo, as well as an antique miner ship that was used during the WWII. It is located in front of the south coastline of Cozumel, near Yucatán peninsula.

The main reefs are some of the biggest in the world. For those who just want to start diving, Paradise Reef and Palancar Gardens might be their ideal places and so for the snorkeling adepts, due to its low water level. It has more than twenty six coral species and three hundred different species of fishes. You can see water turtles, colorful fishes, and very huge showcase of the wildlife. There’s also the Palancar caves which is very famous.

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