Curious things to do in Cozumel

Cozumel, not just a very nice place where to go for vacation, but one of the most secure and safe in the world to do so. There are not only beaches to visit in this beautiful island located in the “Riviera Maya”, there are also some curious activities that you should not miss. So here are three unique things that you should do if you visit the Mexican island.

Baby Sea Turtle Hatching on the Other Side of Cozumel

This slow phased and harmless animals reproduce themselves by leaving their eggs above the ground. Sometimes, the tide and the weather conditions might be a potential danger for the newborn baby turtles, therefore, you may want to do what many tourists do and assist their hatching.

Cozumel visitors are usually invited to join the activity and support this important conservation program, which is very remarkable as well. Work side by side with brigade volunteers and get lots of experience with turtles by making their nests, laying eggs as well as watch baby turtles making their way to the sea for the first time (But taking care they don’t get injured). After assisting the baby turtle hatching, you can have a jeep travel and enjoy yourself.

Visiting San Gervasio Ruins

San Gervasio Ruins are ancestral edifications built by the Mayan culture (One of the biggest ancestral cultures of Latin America, who existed before the arrival of Christopher Columbus). Nowadays and according to expert archaeologists, this ruins are thought to have been part of a complex/sanctuary for the goddess Ixchel (Mayan goddess of fertility) and therefore an important place where the Mayan women used to pilgrimate in order to worship her and have their blessing to have many healthy children.

There are also jeep services you can book to go and visit this wonderful and mysterious place, and rich some hidden places that are not accessible by car, but by 4×4 vehicles. Without any doubt this a mandatory place to visit and have good memories on it.

y the other hand San Gervasio Ruins is not the only mayan heritage left, actually this island is rich in history and ancestral things, so if you want to visit and feel the magic of this miraculous places, yo should go and explore El Cedral too.

El Cedral

El Cedral is not as bit as San Gervasio Ruins, and the purpose for its constructions is also a different one, it is then a small village that was built around the oldest Mayan ruin on Cozumel Mexico. This particular place, was used by the spanish colonizers as a jail in the 19th century, but, as it was said before, is the oldest on the island, dating just 800 years before Christ, so, it was built way before the Spanish conquest. It’s the most easy to access Cozumel’s ruins and if you hire a vehicle, you are going to be able to make your own trip without itineraries or following a guide. The ancient structure is very small having just the size of a tiny house. It was surely a ceremonial place, but this fact continues to be an unsolved mystery.

El Cedral seems to be a very interesting little village that hosts a huge fair called “Feria El Cedral” every year. This fair brings people from all around the world and Mexicans as well, so they enjoy a huge variety of activities that could be done, such as horse racing, concerts and eating lots of food. You can also visit a stucco church next to the ruins.

We think you would have enough reasons to visit this island and such interesting places. What are you waiting for?

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