The 7 best beaches you can find in Cozumel

If you want to know the true meaning of beauty, Cozumel is waiting for you to check it out.

After the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, there is the Caribbean island of Cozumel, which has the second largest barrier in the world – which also crosses Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. This show is one of the many attractions that this territory offers to those who come to rest in its paradisiacal environment, full of soft sand, turquoise waters and a delicious sea breeze.

Isla de las Golondrinas –its meaning in the Mayan language– offers the visitor a group of ideal beaches for resting, recreation and bird watching; you can also enjoy a fun nightlife. Cozumel and its beaches are one of those experiences that no one can miss because fun, culture and nature coexist closely as in few places in the world.

San Francisco Beach

Diving is common on this beach due to the large coral banks hidden on its waters. A gentle and relaxing surf means that both expert swimmers and novices can enjoy the sunset and dusk safely in the middle of the sea.

San Juan Beach

Imagine lying in the middle of a large expanse of white sand, while the murmur of peaceful waves reaches your ears that seem to whisper ancient stories. Playa San Juan is the ideal territory for those who only want a place that allows them to forget everything.

Paseo por playa san juan en cozumel

Enchanted Beach

Its name is not a joke: to be here is to fall in love with its beauty and hectic pace even when tourism invades it. Despite this, you can always find a quiet corner to read or doze; free from noise or tumult. Playa Encantada offers a delicious climate, refreshing waves and the possibility of taking a long walk along the seashore while contemplating the beautiful landscape.

Island of the Passion

This island with a suggestive name is barely a kilometer long, but it has become one of the places chosen by several couples to declare eternal love. This is not new, the Mayans who were married used to make a pilgrimage to her to ask for blessings from Ixchel (the goddess of love). It is one of the most beautiful corners of the Mexican Caribbean that exist.

Santa Maria Island

This beach is another place where you can escape to feel far away from the noise of the city. Sleeping, reading, meditating or walking with the sand as if it were talc under your feet will be a pleasure that you can find in this piece of Cozumel, very close to the glorious Laguna de Chankanaab.

Nice beach

It could well be called Playa Hermosa and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration. It is one of the most exclusive and, therefore, difficult to access, but it is worth trying to eat in one of its delicious restaurants. Here you can enjoy an exclusive area where amenities abound and a delightful view of the sea and rocky areas.

Palancar Beach

It is a paradise of peace and rest. Seafood lovers say that they have tasted some of the most exquisite in their life here, so it would be worth a trip to this beach to check it out. Being here will be like feeling alive again, finding yourself completely in your essence and in balance with yourself.

Anyone who has told you that Cozumel’s beaches are beautiful has fallen short of their definition. That is why you must visit this side of the world to check with your senses the truth behind that brief definition, contemplate the majesty of its beaches and the delicious variety of its gastronomy. Mexico is undoubtedly one of the most varied and interesting destinations for those who pride themselves on being a bold and knowledgeable traveler.

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