Why Cozumel should be your vacation destination

Isla Cozumel, the third island in the territorial extension of Mexico has become a tourist reference of great importance in recent years for both Mexicans and world travelers.

The variety of attractions of this destination are fantastic so you will not be able to believe all the places to know in Isla Cozumel. Its beauty and charm seduces those who visit it, for this reason, we want to show you the attractions of Cozumel Island, activities and the information you need to know about this destination. After seeing everything we have for you, you will start planning your trip to Isla Cozumel, and if you want to experience the most extraordinary vacations, be sure to check out the tours in Isla Cozumel that tuexperiencia.com offers on its website.

Isla Cozumel Tourism

Known for being the corner of Mexico that first receives sun’s rays, Isla de Cozumel is a paradise in the middle of the sea of ​​Quintana Roo. Its turquoise waters and fine sands are home to the most biodiverse coral reefs and its exotic beaches invite you to fall in love with this place.

Its tourist potential is lost from sight, it is an almost virgin territory that has been opened to sustainable and ecological tourism. In its territories there are a multitude of parks and fantastic places designed to protect natural life and provide the greatest enjoyment to visitors.

Don’t let them tell you stories, live your experience in Isla Cozumel and visit all the attractions it has to offer.

Places to visit in Isla Cozumel

In very few tourist sites around the world you will have the possibility of finding a variety of places to visit as wide as the one offered by Isla Cozumel. It seems that every inch of this destination hides a wonderful universe to discover.

Before planning your trip to Isla Cozumel, do not forget to write down all the essential places that we will name later on.

Arrecifes de Cozumel National Park

This park has been recognized nationally and internationally for being one of the most important land and marine life reserves in Mexico. It also has a wide variety of plant species such as mangroves and coastal shrubs.

Adventure fans will love every inch of the park because it is one of the complexes that offers the greatest variety of activities on Isla Cozumel for visitors seeking extreme sports.

Chankanaab botanical garden

The Botanical Garden is one of the best options when it comes to appreciating beautiful natural landscapes. In Chankanaab you can contemplate the majestic lagoon with the variety of trees and herbalists providing a colorful and unique touch.

You cannot miss this fantastic temple of nature for anything in the world, when stress in its green areas you will feel that you are walking on another planet. It is one of the best experiences to live in Isla Cozumel

Chankanaab Park

In Chankanaab Park you will encounter the largest universe of exotic fish per cubic meter that you can find. In short, this coral reef reservoir is a giant natural fish tank where marine species of all kinds can be seen.

Those who like to snorkel will not find a place like this anywhere else, it is a dream come true to be able to dive into its waters accompanied by an infinite amount of beautiful fish and other sea animals.

Palancar National Park

The national park that protects the integrity of the Palancar reef is one of the favorite sites for visitors. It is an almost virgin landscape that houses an invaluable amount of marine life in its waters. This is the perfect place for diving and scuba diving. In the park area you will find various attractions that will amaze you with their splendor and unparalleled beauty.

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